About Our Business
Westminster Financial Co. provides a specialist asset and structured finance service, via  
funding solutions across all business sectors. An extensive range of services is offered
including consulting to financial institutions in formation of equipment finance and leasing
companies and oversight of existing operations.  

Consultation is provided to companies seeking debt restructure and placement of debt for
acquisition, refinancing, leasing, working capital, or general corporate purposes.

Standard Product Types:

        Secured Loans
        Finance and Operating Lease Facilities
        Hard money loans for real estate and project finance

Repayment terms offered are typically 3 to 7 years (although this can be exceeded for
longer life assets). Advance rates are offered up to 100% of new cost or appraised value.
Financing amounts are available up to US$500 million. Funding is available for
transactions in all EU Countries, the US and Canada.

We focus on complex situations for predominantly capital intensive businesses. We also
have in-house expertise to assess businesses that are undergoing capital restructuring or
that are in ‘recovery’, or ‘turnaround’ situations.

Standard Assets Funded Types:

        Equipment
o        Manufacturing / Tooling / Printing / Construction / Cranes
o        Energy related / Waste handling / Recycling

        Transportation
o        Car Fleets/ Commercial Vehicles / Trailers
o        Business Aviation / Rail & Infrastructure
o        Commercial & Luxury Marine / Containers

        Logistics
o        Warehouse / Distribution facilities / Material handling

        Hi Tech
o        IT / Medical / Epos / Chip & Pin / Electronics / Hubs & Routers
       Standard Product Types:

        Secured Loans
        Finance and Operating Lease Facilities
        Sale and Lease-back Facilities
Westminster Financial Co.